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The small pleasures of lentils

Recently I came across an old recipe in my mother’s notebook for a lentil terrine. I had forgotten all about this dish until now, and it’s still just beyond my grasp. I remember a firm log of brown lentils with the texture of pâté, sliced into thick rectangles. What stayed with me is the earthy […]

teachers who bake

I’ve always had a soft spot for teachers who bring food to their class. It reveals something about them, a glimpse into their intimate life: the flavors they enjoy, whether they cook at all—like discovering a signature scent.

le gâteau breton, a butter affair

These past few months I’ve been busy in the Marley Spoon test kitchen, and along the way, even though I was still cooking in my own kitchen, I lost the habit of writing recipes at home. So attuned was my culinary mind to 30-minute dinner meals that I almost forgot one could cook something as […]

galette pissaladière

Until recently our summer in New York has been gentle and mild, while across the Atlantic, Europe wilts under a ferocious heat wave. I haven’t been as afraid to fire my oven, and it’s been a summer of baking, or more precisely, of galettes. My love affair with galettes began late. I’ve always had a […]

jazz cake

My last year of high school in France, a girl brought a quatre quart in which she had forgotten the flour. A quatre quart is a simple recipe of only four ingredients, and without the flour, hers was a crystalized lump of sugar, butter and eggs. We dug into the golden mound with plastic spoons, […]

summer squash terrine

I have terrible memories from my childhood of fish terrines: cold and gritty mousse, a brown gelatin that wobbled around the edges. I doubt these terrines were bad, but they were always served as an appetizer during Christmas Eve, and only delayed the excitement of a tender chicken stuffed with roasted chestnuts and stewed prunes. […]

9 days in the Yucatán

text by Sanaë, photos and words of advice by Geoffroy  La Chaya Maya  Izamal, early morning Merida, market Heladeria El Colón, Merida Cancún, arrival We only catch glimpses of Cancún, from where we fly in and out. We arrive at our first airbnb past midnight, in a leafy neighborhood, and we don’t see what the […]

gyoza, raviolis

I ate the best gyoza on the top floor of a shopping mall in Fukuoka this summer. My mother and I were traveling around the island of Kyushu and ended our trip with dinner in Fukuoka. She was taking the Shinkansen to Osaka and flying back to DC whereas I was continuing on alone to […]

revuelto de arroz

       Left: rice with egg, carrots, onions, and parsley. Right: rice with leeks, spring onions (one bunch), shiitake mushrooms, and ginger.  This rice isn’t fried, my mother says, it’s a revuelto de arroz. A scramble of rice, or better still, rice turned over in the pan. With a wooden spatula, she lifts and […]

cabin cooking

Photo by Daniel Abrams There were eight of us for three bedrooms in a wooden cabin so intimate we could hear one another whisper before falling asleep. We drove two and a half hours west, from New York to the Poconos. When we arrived at the residence the sky was cloaked black. At the entrance […]